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The website where time stands still, for those who have the patience to write quality software.

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Image of a dungeon in isometric retro style graphics

My cross-platform software renderer (active development)

When you need something preserved for future generations or just to code in your own pace without worrying about API deprecation.

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Image of an all terrain vehicle driving in water rendered using David Piuva's graphics engine

My Direct3D 10/11 graphics engine (completed)

When you want to use fancy GPU shaders from Visual Basic or C#. No longer developed, but reached a highly stable state before Windows became unstable.

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Image of the Steamroller IDE with the two dimensional project overview displayed

The Steamroller programming language (Not yet released)

Steamroller was my University exam project in computer science targeting human computer interaction. The goal was to explore how the usability of programming could move forward by adopting new ways of working.

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