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Name: David Piuva


Address: Malma Backe 3A, 75647 Uppsala Sweden

Phone: +46 0737517032

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The Dawoodoz trademark

Dawoodoz™ is my non-profit trademark for open source code. The website's faded green and black color theme has been associated with the trademark for decades.

The domain was selected to prevent any company from stealing it, because non-commercial open source deserves the same legal protection as companies. Dot com has also lost its original meaning because crowdfunding and ad-based content has completely blurred the line between corporations and charity.

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Why choose a long description instead of a catchy short name for the renderers?

"David Piuva's software renderer" was selected because descriptions using a rare family name offers a higher degree of legal protection than a registered trademark, without the expensive fees to register. There will be a few million years passing before anyone else named David Piuva decides to publish a software renderer. There's around one person named David Piuva born per century.

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Images for linking to this website

More users finding the right open source software for their needs means more useful feedback and contributions helping the projects to grow. Making good quality software doesn't mean that people will magically find it, so you can use these banners to let others find my website. You may hot-link to any image in for your links.

Button style banner for Dawoodoz dot com

Glow style banner for Dawoodoz dot com

If you need different dimensions, you can scale and decorate this original resolution logo.

Plain logo for Dawoodoz dot com

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